Sunday, March 22, 2009

So, the week end is behind us. Spring has officially arrived, and so have the purple martins. I am in utter awe just thinking of these birds, their abilities and beauty. I am very grateful towards them, and honored to have them in the houses in our back yard. More about the Purple Martins later, but here's a picture of a couple of them taken today. They are real chatterboxes.

I'm adding yet another Phlox picture. So much beauty to see these days.
The picture was taken in the park area nearby the river as Eddie, the dog, and I took a stroll there Sunday morning. Mainly to avoid other people. I love it there. But well back home I realized the area is shared with lots of ticks. I don't really want to get very close to them, so no more river walks for a while. Maybe next winter?

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