Monday, April 6, 2009


So, more about Twitter. Came across the soon to come TweetPhoto, and just got the email saying I'll get an invite in May on launch day. Woot ;-) so, now I can proudly show
TweetPhoto and TweetPhoto

How kewl is that!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Think I have a love/hate-relationship with this part of the year. Tho, I think it's mostly love. Today we had close to 75 F. The apple trees are blooming and all is good. Then, on Monday, the prediction says 39 F as a high, and a lousy 30 F as a low. Even colder the morning after. Maybe it's just normal, and nothing to fuss about. But I'd really like to see some apples on the trees......
Anyway, small optimistic flowers brighten up all over these days....


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hah! You can't blame religious services to be stupid and without any sense of profit making business.
Welcome to the information age prayer service from, yes, the "Information Age Prayer".
It seems to be an application making written prayers to sounding like, uhm, real voice, and with direct connection to the god dingy.
The god is so, uhm busy, he can't really hear the difference between your trembling real voice and the fake computerized voice. So, there you go. Just pay up, lean back and watch as your prayers come true or what the hell prayers are supposed to be/do/become.
But it gets better. The service donates 10% to a charitable cause. Wow! Did I just say Wow? I meant WOW!!! The service shows real grace. Or business-manship?
The absolute, hands down, fabulous news are; this service works for ANY religion! Yes, be you protestant, catholic, jew, muslim, other, or even unaffiliated, this service is for you.
But, here's the REAL big news. I'll beat that service donation by 10 - ten %. They offer 10 %, I offer 20 %. They offer 40 %, I offer 50 %! My limit is at 90 %. Well, that's for your choice. But there is more. I offer a 100% donation to a service of MY choice should the "Information Age Prayer" offer a 90 % donation to their donation. Come to think of it, I think I'll keep at least 50 % of the donation amount to a recipient of my choice. That's how generous I am. So, send me money, and I'll pray to any god of your choice at any time of your choice. Just send me the money. No fake it here. I will do the prayer. Trust me. SEND ME THE MONEY!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So, the week end is behind us. Spring has officially arrived, and so have the purple martins. I am in utter awe just thinking of these birds, their abilities and beauty. I am very grateful towards them, and honored to have them in the houses in our back yard. More about the Purple Martins later, but here's a picture of a couple of them taken today. They are real chatterboxes.

I'm adding yet another Phlox picture. So much beauty to see these days.
The picture was taken in the park area nearby the river as Eddie, the dog, and I took a stroll there Sunday morning. Mainly to avoid other people. I love it there. But well back home I realized the area is shared with lots of ticks. I don't really want to get very close to them, so no more river walks for a while. Maybe next winter?

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Wild Blue Phlox made me smile. It's good medicine to take a visit in the woods these days. When mankind do their best to make a complete mess of everything, and being real good at it, to boot, one could need some medicine.
Maybe I'm getting old, or is it a sign o' times that I'm really experiencing this spring's blooms with extra extra gratitude?


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Like starting all over again...

Some years later, and here I am. I used to have a blog, but I think it all got messed up when it was taken over by Google. Anyway, this could be fun, so I might start from scratch.
Here's a Virginia Bluebell as seen in the park 03.17.09. Just a test of posting my photos from my flickr account